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General rules

• to use any hacks, bugs or glitches. • to insult anybody in any way.

• to destroy cars or helicopters if nobody is inside of them.

• to use an alternate account to evade a ban.

• to share any information about other player or base positions.

• to destroy any items for no reason.

• to put lockers on normal lockers (only rifle safes)

Trader rules

• steal from other players inside the Safe Zone.

• park cars or helicopters more than 24 hours inside the Safe Zone.

• build or place anything inside the Safe zone.

• bury stashes inside the Safe Zone.

No Meta-Gaming

• Meta-gaming occurs when a player uses out-of-game content, such as content on our Discord channel or another player’s stream, to gain an in-game advantage. This includes use of photos in Discord, videos posted by players, and live-streams.

• Punishment – Depending on severity of the actions taken, this rule carries a minimum immediate 1-day ban or in extreme/repeated cases, permanent bans.

No Disrespecting Staff

• No disrespectful language or excessive arguing with staff members will be tolerated, either in-game or in our Discord. Staff members volunteer their time to this community and deserve respect, so please treat them respectfully.

• Punishment – Enforcement of this rule is subjective and contextual, so please realize that some language that you may not find disrespectful could fall under this rule. Violations of this rule can prolong any other bans or punishments that are currently being enforced or could, on their own, result in a up to a permanent ban from the Discord and from server-access.

Refund rules

• We do not refund anything without video-proof. 

PVP rules

• You are not allowed to log out until at least 10 minutes after the last shot in a firefight or raid.

No Stream Sniping

• Any attempt to abuse access to a content creator’s stream in order to gain an in-game advantage will not be tolerated. This includes using a content creator’s stream to find/kill/harass or otherwise knowingly disrupt a streamer.

• Punishment – Depending on severity of the actions taken, this rule carries a minimum immediate 7-day ban or in extreme cases, permanent bans.

No Disrespecting Members

• While a certain amount of shit-talking is expected in a multiplayer game, players should be respectful of others while in game and in our Discord. Players should be mindful of their use of disrespectful language, and should avoid excessive trolling and derogatory or inflammatory comments. While enforcement of this rule is necessarily subjective, staff will not tolerate communications that are harmful towards the community. Some statements prohibited by this rule may include statements that individual players may not believe to be disrespectful so be careful how you interact with others.

• Racist or Sexually-Harrassing Comments – We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards racist and sexually-harassing comments on both our server and our Discord. This means that these comments will almost certainly result in a ban from either server access and/or our Discord. The duration of that ban depends on the specific statements made and their context, but subsequent offenses will be treated with escalating punishments.


• Punishment – Depending on the specific context of the statements made, punishment can vary from a simple kick from the server, to a permanent ban from server and Discord access.

Base Building Rules

• No Building within 750m of a Safe-zone.

• No Building within 600m of a military.

• Bases that are being built must remain actively maintained.

• Build raidable bases. At least one entrance must be raidable.

• No blocking of main road or police stations with your base.

• Violations – Bases that are found to violate these rules are subject to deletion. Anyone found violating these rules in order to get into another player’s base will receive a ban, up to and including a permanent ban from our server and Discord.

No Advertising

• Advertising includes inviting other players to different communities or posting content or live-streams that are from outside servers.

• The content-creator badge is available to those who stream on our servers. This badge also allows those users to post links to their live-streams or other content in our Content-Creator channel. Posting content from outside our community in our Discord or in-game is not allowed.

• Punishment – This rule is self explanatory, if you are caught inviting people to play elsewhere, you will be banned. Links to non-approved content will be deleted and attempts to repost content can result in a permanent ban from both the Discord and from server access.

No Ban Evasion

• Ban-evasion occurs when a player who has been banned from server or discord access attempts to access the content he or she has been prohibited prior to the expiration of that ban.

• Punishment – If caught attempting to ban-evade will have his ban reinstated against any other profile used to evade the ban. The ban period will also be extended, and could result in a permanent ban from the server and/or our Discord.

Raiding rules

• Not allowed to raid a base with the help of a helicopter. You have to raid the base from the entrance.

• No use of “floating” materials or objects to glitch into bases. (standing on barrels or people’s shoulders is fine, but do not abuse the in-game physics…if you could not do it in real life, you cannot do it in-game) (CANT STAND ON A BARREL AND THEN A SHOULDER).

• Not allowed to drop items out of storage containers you do not take with you.

• Not allowed to take over a base of other players.

• Not allowed to place at any time a code lock on a player’s base.

• Not allowed to log out in another player’s base.

• Always record while raiding! With no raid evidence you risk getting yourself banned!

• Bases that are raided must remain actively maintained.

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